Recording Gear

Mac Pro 2.6Ghz Westmere 8-core.
Audient ASP 8024 A In-Line Analog Console w/Digidesign Command 8 Docking Bay and Monitor
Sony APR-24 2 inch 24-track analog tape machine w/remote
Motu 24I/O core PCI-E system
Apogee Rosetta 200 196k (2 channel 24-bit DA/AD converter)
Apogee Big Ben Master Clock
Digidesign Command 8
Mackie SDR 24/96 (24 track/24 bit hard disk recorder)
Mackie HDR 24/96 (2) (24 track/24 bit hard disk recorder/editor)
Tascam 122MKIII (Professional Mastering Stereo Cassette Deck)
Tascam CD-D1x4 (1×4 Professional CD High Speed Duplicator)
Tascam DV-RA1000 (2.81 Mhz Linear CD Mastering unit)
Sony PCM-R300 (Studio Digital Audio Tape Recorder, “DAT”)
Sony CDP-D11 (Studio compact disc player)
Sony CDR-W33 (Studio compact disc recorder)
Sony MDS-E10 (Studio analog to digital mini disc recorder)
Sony MDS-E12 (Studio digital mini disc recorder
Sony TC-350 1/4″ tape machine
Crown D75A (2 Channel 110 watt studio monitor amplifier)
JBL L820 (3-way studio monitors SACD)
Mackie HR-824 (2)
Yamaha NS-10 (2)
SPL Volume 2
Switchcraft Studio Patch 9625 96 point patch bay (2 units)
Switchcraft Studio Patch 6425 64 point patch bay
Apple Macbook Pro 17s (2 units) (dual 2.6ghz powerhouse running peak pro 5 and Izotope)


Audient ASP EQ w/H & L shelf (24 channels)
Manley Labs Stereo Pultec (EQ)
Empirical Labs ‘Lil Freq’ (EQ)
Chandler Limited ‘Germanium’ Tone Control (EQ)
T.C. Electronics Finalizer 96k (studio mastering processor)
T.C. Electronics M-300 (digital effects processor)
T.C. Electronic M-One XL (dual engine effects processor)
T.C. Electronics M-3000 (digital effects processor)
T.C. Helicon Voiceprism Pro 96k ( vocal formant pitch processor)
T.C. Electronics G-Sharp (guitar effects processor)
Lexicon MX200 (dual reverb / effects processor)
Demeter Amplification RV-1 Real Reverb (stereo spring reverb, dual decay)
Antares AVP-1 (vocal processor with pitch correction & mic modeling)
Antares ATR-1a (parametric pitch correction)
SPL Transient Designer 4
Drawmer DS-201 (dual channel noise gate)
Drawmer MX-50 (de-esser)
Alesis DM-5 (drum module)
Korg DTR-1000 (digital rack tuner-quitar) Several
Korg DTR-2000 (digital rack tuner-chromatic quitar/bass/open, DEGA/DADGAD) Several

Pre Amps

Vintech/Neve 1272 Dual Channel
Vintech/Neve 473 Quad Channel
Universal Audio 2-610 (Vintage dual channel tube pre/DI)
Universal Audio Solo/610 (single channel, portable tube pre/DI)
Chandler Limited “Germanium” Pre
PreSonus MP20 (2-channel dual class-A discrete mic preamp)
Focusrite TrakMaster Pro (single-channel preamplifier w/optical compressor & 3 band eq)
Focusrite Sapphire Pro (26 channel Pre w/liquid technology & Digital God Mode)
Focusrite Octepre (8 channel Pre w/comps)
Focusrite Octepre LE (8 channel Pre w/liquid technology)
Apogee Rosetta 200 196k (W/Firewire interface)
Apogee Mini-Me (2 channel w/comp & A/D converter)
Tech 21 Sansamp (control room instrument pre/DI)
ART MPA Gold (2-channel tube preamplifier w/variable impedance)
Line 6 POD XT Pro (rack mounted pedal/amp/guitar modeler w/FBV Shortboard foot controller)


Audient ASP 8024 A (On Board Comp)
Chandler Limited ‘Germanium’ Comp W/Germanium Drivers
Pre Sonus ACP 88 (8 channel comp/limiter/gate)
DBX 166XL (compressor/limiter/gate)
DBX 160A (4)
Universal Audio LA-2A
Universal Audio 1176LN
Universal Audio 2-1176LN