On The Fringe offers a wide variety of instruments for you to consider during your next session. Our inventory is kept in great condition and is continually maintained to ensure quality and continuity between sessions. OTF houses over 50 guitars and an acoustic panio in every room.


Kurzweil SP-88X (88 weighted/graded digital piano)
Roland D-50 (synth)
Korg Micro-Korg (midi-synth/vocoder)
Korg microKontrol (midi studio/production controller
Novation 65 Midi Controller
Yamaha YDP-223 Studio (Digital Piano)
Steinway Upright (Originally owned by Rivers Cuomo of Weezer)
Steinway Console
Yamaha G-1 Baby Grand
Yamaha Console
Korogi 4 Octave Xylophone


Fender Custom Stratocaster W/Custom shop “Texas Specials”
Fender Super Custom Shop, OTF Style
Fender Strat LE (only 2,000 Made)
Fender Relic American Strat
Fender Custom Santa Fe tele
Washburn D-30 S accoustic
Martin D-30
Martin DX-1
Regal RC-51 Resonator
Aria 12-string acoustic
Fender “Tele” 6 Custom Through body W/DiMarzio Pickups
Taylor Mini D acoustic
Carvin Semi-Hollow Hybrid 6-String.
Gretsch ‘Country Classic’ Big Body w/Bigsby
Yamaha Custom ‘Drop-6’ Frankensteinified.
Gibson Les Paul Special W/Dave Stevens Custom PAFs & Bigsby tremolo
Gibson SG ‘Menace Series’
Gibson SG Standard W/Rio Grande ‘Angus’ Pickups
Gibson ‘Flying V’ Faded
Wilson ‘Venture Brothers’
If we don’t have the guitar you want we’ll make you one.

All guitars are custom configured for our studio environment, call for details.


Ric“4003” (stereo)
Fender “Jazz” fretless
Fender USA Precision ’63 re-issue
Fender acoustic/electric
Schecter “Deluxe-4” (long scale)
Schecter “Omen-5” (5-string long scale)
Gretsch “Electromatic” (short scale)
Gibson SG 69′ Reissue
Carvin Bunny Brunell Series (fretless/extended scale)
Dean Pace Bass (electric up-right double bass)


Yamaha Recording Custom 5 piece set 24″ kick, 9×10,12×12,13×12,14×16 Toms
Tama Swingstar Evans hydraulic heads, 16″,10″,8″ ZBT Crash/Splash 20″ ZBT Ride and China.
Gretsch Catalina Club – Class 5
Pulse “Rot-o-toms” 12″, 10″, 8″
Pulse 14″ ocean drum
Roland V-Stage 8-piece kit w/tunable mesh heads (play any kit on earth… and beyond!)
LP Aspire bongos w/stand
LP Aspire 12″/10″ congas w/stand
LP mini-conga
LP chime set
Toca ‘Sheila E.’ Timbales/10” W/Cowbell
Mapex 13×6 Black Panther snare
DDrum Dominion series 13×7 maple snare
Pearl 13×3 maple piccolo snare
Yamaha 12×6 oak “Musashi” snare
Pork Pie 14×7 “Little Squealer” maple snare

Zildjian ‘A’ Series Custom P-crash, P-ride, 6″ Splash and fast crash. As well as ‘New Beat’ Hats
Zildjian ‘A’Series Special Recording Hi-Hats
Tama ‘Iron Cobra’ Kick Pedal
Tama ‘Iron Cobra’ Dbl Kick Pedal
Yamaha HD series kick Pedal
DW 3000 Kick Pedal
Plus an array of sticks & hand–held percussive instruments.


Fender 5-string banjo
Fender Electric Violin
Martin Mandolin
Handmade Australian Didgeridoo
Johnson soprano ukulele
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
Soprano Sax